Grass Technologies' SleepTrek3

Marc Paliotta
Product Manager
Grass Technologies
West Warwick, RI


We developed the SleepTrek3 in anticipation of the eventual approval of portable home sleep monitoring by the CMS. In fact, the SleepTrek3 is a derivative product of our AURA-PSG that we introduced over a year ago. Even the AURA-PSG series was designed with eventual home sleep monitoring in mind. That unit is a full Type I recording device that is battery powered (in addition to wireless) for possible home use as well as use in the lab. The AURA-PSG series also includes a “LITE” model, which is a Type II device with EEG channels in addition to the typical sleep-respiration channels. And now, the SleepTrek3, with six channels of recording, nicely fits the need and specifications for a Type III screener for portable home studies as defined by the CMS. There is an industry leading 3-year warranty for our “Made in the USA” SleepTrek3 amplifier. Grass Technologies has always been known for our high-quality, reliable hardware.


We designed the overall SleepTrek3 package, software and hardware, to be as easy to use as possible. The 6-channel device is easy to set up by the technician, with its color-coded inputs and simple software. The SleepTrek3 is comfortable to wear by the patient, as there is only a nasal cannula, soft oximeter probe, and a single PSG sensor to wear. In fact, the patient can choose to wear the device or place it alongside on the bed or nightstand – whatever is most comfortable for them. Finally, the analysis software is intuitive for the technician and physician, and provides a comprehensive report summary with the push of a button.


This type of product will help our customers get to their ever-growing patient base quickly and reliably. The SleepTrek3 system is complete, as it is provided with the amplifier, multi-PSG sensor, oximetry probe, cannulas, wearable pouch, belts, battery, CF card, home-carrying case, and software. All of this is included in our one start-up price, ready out of the box. The benefit to the lab or provider is ease of use, quick automated analysis and report generation. The benefit to the patient is minimal connections and comfort. Also, our new multi-PSG sensor is really great for the patient. One sensor worn by the patient combines airflow, snore, effort and body position; no need to connect two or three sensors to the patient.


We think the SleepTrek3 will be very compatible with the existing market where studies are typically done in a freestanding private lab or in a hospital setting. The ease and speed of screening patients at home will provide a better and quicker path for lab studies for those found to have sleep disorders. We announced the SleepTrek3 a week or two before the CMS ruling on March 14 and the response to our product has been overwhelming!

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