Respironics' Stardust II Sleep Recorder

Ron Fligge, RRT
Global Product Manager
Sleep Diagnostic Devices and Accessories
Respironics, Inc
Murrysville, PA


The Respironics’ Stardust® II Sleep Recorder is intended to help sleep clinicians properly diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adult patients. The Stardust II recorder fully satisfies the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Level III device criteria. Therefore, under CMS’ new coverage guidelines the Stardust II is an appropriate device, along with a clinician evaluation, for home diagnosis of OSA. The Stardust II also can be used with patients for whom a Level III or Level IV device is appropriate, eliminating the need for a provider to purchase both Level III and Level IV diagnostic devices.

The Stardust II device enhances the options for a clinician who is determining the best diagnostic pathway for a particular patient. With more than eight available channels and the ability to be connected to several Respironics’ therapy devices, the Stardust II recorder enables a clinician to assess efficacy of the patient’s therapy.


Patient data is downloaded via the Stardust II software. Full disclosure of the data is provided and enables the clinician to examine all aspects of the acquired data to evaluate all event types that occurred, and the context within which the events occurred. The context considers positional-related events as well as oximetry and heart rate changes associated with the events.

If the physician reviewing and interpreting the study is in a different location from where the data is downloaded, the data can be e-mailed to the physician using the Stardust II software file utility. The transfer of data is fully HIPAAcompliant to maintain patient confidentiality. The software provides full reporting of scored events. If a clinician prefers to customize the reports, the Word-based report templates are fully customizable. Also because Respironics does not charge multiple license fees for use of the Stardust software on multiple computers, clinicians have flexibility in how they utilize the Stardust II in their businesses or practices.


As the device is easy to set up, less explanation and training time is required between the physician and patient. After a brief explanation, the patient should be able to correctly set up the Stardust II device, apply the sensors and understand how to return the device to the clinician so data can be downloaded. The Stardust II recorder is designed to be comfortable for the patient and has no components which would present a contraindication to its use.


Respironics offers 24/7 phone support, provided directly by specialized staff technicians who are dedicated to understanding and resolving customers’ technical questions. The company’s diagnostic and sleep consultant sales forces are dedicated to sleep diagnostic-only customers which enables customers to interact with individuals who understand the unique and varied needs involved in all facets of a sleep diagnostic facility’s operations.

As a value-added service for customers, convenient classroom training is available. Our Waveform Analysis class is designed to help clinicians understand how to properly score respiratory- based waveforms.


Well known for innovation in advanced sleep therapy systems and technologies, Respironics has been involved in the Sleep diagnostic market for more than 20 years. The Company has been recognized for its commitment and excellence with awards from Frost and Sullivan, a global growth consulting company. The 2006 Market Leadership Award was awarded in recognition of the Company’s continued market leadership, strategic advancement, technology innovation and ability to adapt.

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