SleepEx SV

Matt Mellott
Sleep Works,
Greenville, SC


We have been using SleepEx® since 2002 when it was a standard data transfer system allowing us to score sleep studies remotely and offering interpreting physicians the ability to interpret sleep studies remotely. The program has evolved considerably over the years, and in addition to the remote scoring and interpreting capabilities, the SomnoView™ portion of the system now offers the ability to manage the “back-office” portion of operating a sleep lab such as patient scheduling, technician scheduling, patient demographic data capture and management reporting. While we have been users of SleepEx for several years now, we have also researched other systems on the market. Other systems may have a specific feature that may appear superior to a comparable feature in SleepEx, however no other system offers the combination of the clinical capabilities such as data uploading, remote scoring, interpretation capabilities, and the extensive “back-office” management tools that are found in SleepEx. Furthermore, SleepEx works with both Respironics® and SomnoStar® acquisition equipment platforms that are currently utilized by our company.


We operate 38 labs around the country and would not be able to manage the volume of business produced by our labs without the SomnoView™ lab management tools. SomnoView™ assists our staff with scheduling of patients and technicians, capturing and storing of patient demographic information and insurance information, physician over-read capabilities, and management reporting (i.e., studies performed, patients scheduled into the future, referral tracking, scoring turnaround time, etc.).

From the company’s management perspective, we are able to monitor and track the status of studies and operational tasks on a daily basis that allows us to react to changes within the business immediately.


The ability to score sleep studies in a location other than the lab allows us to maximize efficiencies in the lab. Rather than attempting to hire and train technicians to score in every lab we can hire several highly qualified scoring technicians and place them strategically in our various regions around the country and move studies seamlessly to them for scoring. The ability to offer physicians the flexibility to interpret sleep studies at locations other than the lab and without shuttling sleep data via compact disks is a tremendous benefit for both the company and the physicians.

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