Stellate’s Harmonie-S Sleep Diagnostic System

Nanda Varier
Director of Marketing
Montreal, Quebec


Stellate has been a pioneer in the development of clinically relevant solutions that help improve diagnosis and efficiency since 1986. From its early days, Stellate’s computerized event detection algorithms for epilepsy monitoring received universal recognition as the gold standard in the industry.

The company saw an opportunity to apply its considerable experience and knowledge base to create a uniquely differentiated product that addressed current and emerging customer needs more comprehensively for the Sleep diagnostic market.


Harmonie-S features several proprietary data analysis tools based on original research and is designed for exceptional ease of use, simplified workflows and enhanced efficiencies. Our design approach ensures easy upgrading of features and the option of multiple applications (such as sleep diagnosis and EEG) on the same platform.

A number of other distinctive features set the Harmonie-S apart from other products in the market. Quick start, computer-assisted sleep staging, on-line/off-line event editing, user configurable sleep graphs, perfectly synchronized MPEG-4 digital video and a 20-bit, 44-channel amplifier with variable sampling rates up to 2000 Hz are just a few of the unique features that help ensure quality and greatly improved efficiency in the sleep lab.

A powerful Microsoft® SQL patient database with a full featured scheduling and electronic patient record management system facilitates efficient lab operations. Combined with a comprehensive line of accessories, Stellate’s Harmonie-S offers a truly complete solution for all polysomnography requirements.


Harmonie-S has been designed for ease-of-use and high user efficiency both from a technologist and physician point of view.

The ability to start recordings quickly, manage large amounts of patient data, flexibly configure graphical displays and trends, minimize scoring time, obtain signals of high quality free of artifacts and have the capability of networking with remote viewing, all add up to a set of powerful advantages for the end user.

Advanced event detection algorithms significantly enhance diagnostic accuracy, enabling users to promptly capture critical events as they occur and take appropriate action. Powerful and flexible analysis tools provide additional information to resolve difficult diagnostic situations. Components that directly interface with the patient are designed with a high emphasis on patient comfort and safety. The scalable architecture of Harmonie-S addresses the fundamental need of sleep labs to be able to easily upgrade their facilities in tune with their growth.


As a uniquely differentiated product, Harmonie-S has demonstrated early success since its launch and enjoyed rapid customer acceptance at a wide range of institutions from the smallest free-standing clinic to the some of the world’s most respected hospitals and universities. Stellate’s ability to rapidly respond to customer needs and incorporate them in ongoing product development ensures that the Harmonie-S will continue to gain market presence.

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